Race Tracks

Prince George Airport Refueling Pad

Cost: $80 per day

Gates open: 8:30am - 9:30am

Porta-potty is provided for duration of the event

Bring a lunch and water - the gate will not open for lunch

All persons are not permitted to exit the site until the event concludes

No smoking or vaping is permitted on Airport property as per TSB Canada

The Prince George Airport refueling pad is a one acre asphalt pad that provides a place to host a true autocross course. Courses are built using pylons directing racers around tracks that can be wide open, tight and technical, or a combination of both.

The refueling pad is a great opportunity to push your car and skills to the limit as the wide open skid pad allows for lots of run-off incase of a bad line or mistake. Other than a few easily avoidable lights at the edge of the pad, the only objects on course that you can hit are pylons.

Tracks built with pylons can be daunting to start with. Take as much opportunity as possible to learn the course and find the best line.

Quesnel Go-Kart Track

Cost: $60 per day

Gates open 9:00am - 10:00am

Outhouses are available during event

Bring a lunch and water

Note that there is poor cellular reception at this track. It is highly recommended to have a screenshot of your electronic signature for the insurance waiver otherwise you will be denied entry to the track - this includes spectators and minors

Cariboo Raceway Park is a 980m go-kart track that has several complex corners and elevation changes.

This course is a great place for newcomers to learn a track that is easy to approach, but difficult to master. This is also a great place for veterans of this track to test new lines, different driving styles, and discern results of newly installed modifications to your car.

There are several viewing positions including bleachers at the top of T1, T2 and a gantry above the main straight making Quesnel a great event to spectate.

Note that Oval Road is a dirt road, please drive accordingly to road conditions. Raceway Road has been know to have rather large dips in the road, Westland Road is a smoother route to get to the track.

A typical day at the track:

  1. Arrive during the gates open window

  2. Park in the designated parking area and unload your car preparing to race

  3. Have your car tech inspected - ask an organizer of the event if you don't know who is inspecting cars

  4. Provide proof of signing the electronic insurance waiver and obtain a wrist band

  5. Help set up the course, timing gear and related equipment

  6. Safety meeting - all persons on site must attend, including drivers and spectators

  7. Track walk - walk the course to scout the line

  8. Find your position on the scoreboard - know the 3 cars that are ahead of you in order to maintain the lineup

  9. Parade lap - drive the course at half speed to get the feel of it

  10. Race! - Single lap, 3 runs per racer

  11. Break for lunch

  12. Second safety meeting - all persons on site must attend, including drivers spectators

  13. Race! - Double lap, 3 runs per racer

  14. End of day meeting / trophies

  15. Help clean up course / equipment

Prince George Airport Authority Rules for Apron V

Prince George Airport Authority Rules for Apron V

May 4, 2011


One Turbo fan engine costs upward of $35,000,000 (that’s million) for Westjet’s Boeing 737’s planes and $75,000,000 for Boeing's 747 Plane. ONE single beverage container can cause catastrophic damage to these power plants.


Anywhere inside the Secure Area including in your vehicle. Penalty for this is a $5,000.00 fine payable by offender!


Any engine or vehicle leaks are not acceptable and all incidences must be reported to Corvettes North Official. That Official must report to emergency fire hall. Then there will be an incident report written up for assessment and records.


Airport Authorities will not respond to any onsite emergencies.

Emergencies calls are made to “911” Location: APRON V, GATE 1 A

Prince George Airport Authority Rules for Apron V

PGGA_Corvettes North Club May 2, 2011 1

Schedule “C”

Additional Conditions

1. All persons are to use the designated entry and exit route and the riding area identified on Schedule “A”. If at any time anyone leaves the designated area or crosses into a no go area, the agreement is void and all persons and equipment will be required to leave the premises immediately.

2. Garbage, refuse and debris of any type, is not to be deposited on the ground inside the airport fence. All garbage, refuse and debris, is to be placed in the appropriate receptacle and removed from the premises daily.

3. The gate is to remain closed at all times, except when authorized persons are entering or exiting.

4. Any incidents, accidents or unauthorized occurrences are to be reported to Airport Security as soon as practicable.

Cariboo Raceway Park Rules

If a car leaves the track, care must be taken as to not damage the course and grounds. As this track is used for go-kart racing, any holes, bumps or damage to the grounds can pose a safety hazard for any kart racers that leave the track as it may cause them to flip.

Spectators may not stand against the fence closest to the track during a double lap event. Spectators must stand behind the secondary fence in the pits, or observe from the bleachers or gantry incase a car loses control and crashes through the fence.