Competition Rules


Racing at Prince George Autocross is broken into the following 4 groups:

FWD - Street

RWD - Street

AWD - Street


Scoring Points

Points are scored based on finishing position per event

A typical race day will have 2 points scoring events - morning and afternoon

A racer must have one clean run per event in order to score points - DNFs will not count towards position for points

Year end results are tallied based on a racer's best 10 events (or 5 race days)

FWD - Street

≥200 treadwear tires

Front Wheel Drive drivetrain layout

RWD - Street

≥200 treadwear tires

Rear Wheel Drive drivetrain layout

AWD - Street

≥200 treadwear tires

All Wheel Drive drivetrain


<200 treadwear tires

Any drivetrain layout

Safety Rules:

  • Only cars with 4 wheels are permitted to race. No trucks, SUVs, Slingshots, etc. Final decision whether a vehicle is allowed to participate is left to race officials.

  • Cars must be safe to operate and will have an initial full inspection done once per race year, and checkup inspections done every event.

    • Cars must have their battery secure (no zip ties or bungie cords)

    • Cars must not leak

    • Tires can't be showing cords

    • All unsecured items must be removed from the car before racing - including floormats, spare tires, jacks, etc.

  • All participants must wear a helmet with one of the following ratings that is less than 10 years old while in a car on track.

    • Current DOT (FMVSS No.218) less than 10 years old

    • SNELL 2015 MA or newer

    • Current ECE (22.50) less than 10 years old

  • No cars are permitted on the track until a safety meeting is conducted

  • No persons are permitted on the track while a car is racing - if a car hits a cone, inform the volunteers at the start box in order to hold the next car from going out before correcting the cones on course

  • If you are on track and you see the volunteers waving a red flag, bring your car to a controlled stop and await further instruction

General Rules:

  • All drivers and spectators must sign the electronic insurance waiver before racing. You will need to provide proof of your electronic signature (such as a screenshot) in order to gain entry to the track. This electronic insurance waiver must be signed by every individual at the track including spectators and minors and can be found on the 2022 Season page.

  • All participants will be required to participate in event tasks such as track setup / take down, timing, marshaling, etc.

  • Use of drugs and alcohol are not tolerated under any circumstances.

  • All drivers must hold a valid "N" or higher drivers license to participate.


Tech Sheet

Please refer to the following tech sheet which will be used to approve your car to race the day of the event. Any car subject to failure of any indicated points will be disqualified from use.

Safety Meeting Sheet

Please see the following sheet that goes over the items that we discuss at the safety meeting during the morning of the event. Please note that the safety meeting requires all on site to attend, including spectators

Safety Meeting Notes

CCCC Competition Rules

Please find the most up to date CCCC Rules here: